Force Chrome To Print Like Everything Else On Your Mac

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If you like the fact that Chrome has a unique print dialog box and preview stop here and go about your business. If you, like me, find it a bit annoying, then open Terminal and enter the following command… defaults write com.google.Chrome DisablePrintPreview -boolean true

Love It, Hate It, Embraced It Or Ban It—The Apple Watch Is Headed Toward Your Classroom

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Apple has long been in the business of squashing the status quo with disruptive technology. The impact of the Macintosh changed the way we used computers. The iPod revolutionized the music industry. To say the iPhone revolutionized the phone industry is an understatement. The iPad has brought tablets to the…

Careful What You’re Locked Into

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I had a great time mountain biking this past weekend. I really enjoy engaging in a physical activity that requires one hundred percent of your mental attention. Riding the more challenging trails is just that. In some places, the path is just inches wide. Between rocks and roots, you’re looking…

Things They Don’t Tell You—Fuel Aperture Location

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Recently, at gas station, I watched a guy pull up to the pump across from me, get out of his car, swipe his card, remove the hose from the pump, and then realize the fuel aperture was on the opposite side of his car. Now I am not passing judgment—he…

Nutshell—New From Prezi

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Nutshell is a new visual storytelling app that combines the simplicity of photos, the compelling nature of video, and the fun of animation to create short, shareable cinematic narratives. The idea for Nutshell came about when the Prezi team discovered that people were using Prezi’s zoom-able presentation canvas for sharing…