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  • Careful What You’re Locked Into

    I had a great time mountain biking this past weekend. I really enjoy engaging in a physical activity that requires one hundred percent of your mental attention. Riding the more challenging trails is just that. In some places, the path is just inches wide. Between rocks and roots, you’re looking out for the smallest obstacle […]

  • Love It, Hate It, Embraced It Or Ban It—The Apple Watch Is Headed Toward Your Classroom

    Apple has long been in the business of squashing the status quo with disruptive technology. The impact of the Macintosh changed the way we used computers. The iPod revolutionized the music industry. To say the iPhone revolutionized the phone industry is an understatement. The iPad has brought tablets to the forefront—in fact, this happens to […]

  • Nutshell—New From Prezi

    Nutshell is a new visual storytelling app that combines the simplicity of photos, the compelling nature of video, and the fun of animation to create short, shareable cinematic narratives. The idea for Nutshell came about when the Prezi team discovered that people were using Prezi’s zoom-able presentation canvas for sharing events like birthdays, road trips, […]

  • Flushing DNS Cache In OS X (Panther Through Yosemite)

    From time to time, when changing DNS configurations you will need to flush the local DNS cache on your computer. On a Mac, this can easily be done from the Terminal. Just run the following commands for your respective version of OS X… El Capitan sudo dscacheutil -flushcache;sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder; say cache flushed Yosemite […]

  • Socrative 2.0 Releases Tomorrow

    Socrative is a great way to get real-time responses and assessment from anyone with a computer, smartphone or other mobile devices. It gets its name from the Socratic Method and is a great way to engage students in the classroom or lecture hall. Socrative 2.0 is coming out Monday, October 7, 2013. This new version […]

  • 2013 Florida Sales Tax Holiday—Now Includes Technology

    The annual back-to-school Florida sales tax holiday is next weekend, August 2 through August 4, 2013. This year it includes tech items ranging from thumb drives to tablets—even computers if sold for $750 or less. So when you plan your back-to-school shopping don’t forget to include technology. For more details and a complete list of […]

  • Online & Mobile Resource: Faithlife Study Bible

    I hope everyone’s New Year has been off to a great start. Below is some information regarding a great (and free) online and mobile study Bible. While I have recommended (and still like) YouVersion as a great Bible for your iPhone or iPad, the Faithlife Study Bible takes is a step further as it contains quite a […]

  • LastPass—Keeping Your Passwords Secure Without The Hassle

    The word “password” has been in the top ten list of most commonly used passwords for some time. Easy to remember? Yes. Secure? Not at all. One technique to aid in memory is to substitute letters for symbols. Instead of password, consider something like p@s$w0rd. The problem is that once we come up with that […]

  • DropBox—Easy Entry Into The Cloud

    If you need access to files from multiple devices and locations one of the best solutions is to store those files in the “cloud”—the latest buzzword that you should be saying about 24.3 times a day so that everyone knows that you are “in-the-know”. Google offers a great way to do this using Google Docs. […]

  • Access Other Domain Extensions In iOS

    When entering Web and email addresses, the iPhone soft keyboard saves a few taps with its .com key. If you are in Safari on the iPhone, you can even skip this key altogether if the domain name ends in .com. Safari assumes .com if nothing else is entered. For example, to go to just […]