Author: blake_matthews

  • Did You Win?

    Now that the school year is in full swing, there is a lot of action going on in the lives of students, parents, and teachers. Unlike in the summer, activities students do now are graded, judged, or critiqued—as it should be to a degree, but as adults, we must always be mindful of how that […]

  • 2013 Florida Sales Tax Holiday—Now Includes Technology

    The annual back-to-school Florida sales tax holiday is next weekend, August 2 through August 4, 2013. This year it includes tech items ranging from thumb drives to tablets—even computers if sold for $750 or less. So when you plan your back-to-school shopping don’t forget to include technology. For more details and a complete list of […]

  • The Flipped Classroom Explained

    One of the more recent buzzwords in education is the “flipped classroom.” It seems that in most conversations I have heard it in, people use it as a synonym for some kind of new technology in the classroom when in fact it is almost the opposite. While technology can—and should be—a component of the flipped […]

  • Great Organizational Online Resource: Evernote

    Looking for a great way to keep your mélange of information and resources organized? Try Evernote. Evernote is like an all-purpose filing cabinet that lives in the cloud—accessible from your computer, phone, tablet, and the web. Not everything that lives in Evernote needs to start life as a digital file. You can capture your things you […]

  • Online & Mobile Resource: Faithlife Study Bible

    I hope everyone’s New Year has been off to a great start. Below is some information regarding a great (and free) online and mobile study Bible. While I have recommended (and still like) YouVersion as a great Bible for your iPhone or iPad, the Faithlife Study Bible takes is a step further as it contains quite a […]

  • LastPass—Keeping Your Passwords Secure Without The Hassle

    The word “password” has been in the top ten list of most commonly used passwords for some time. Easy to remember? Yes. Secure? Not at all. One technique to aid in memory is to substitute letters for symbols. Instead of password, consider something like p@s$w0rd. The problem is that once we come up with that […]

  • DropBox—Easy Entry Into The Cloud

    If you need access to files from multiple devices and locations one of the best solutions is to store those files in the “cloud”—the latest buzzword that you should be saying about 24.3 times a day so that everyone knows that you are “in-the-know”. Google offers a great way to do this using Google Docs. […]

  • Access Other Domain Extensions In iOS

    When entering Web and email addresses, the iPhone soft keyboard saves a few taps with its .com key. If you are in Safari on the iPhone, you can even skip this key altogether if the domain name ends in .com. Safari assumes .com if nothing else is entered. For example, to go to just […]

  • InDesign CS5 to CS4

    One thing Adobe has not always done well is maintaining backward compatibility in their applications. This may not be such a big deal if you work in an isolated environment or only associate with those who meticulously upgrade their software to the latest available versions. However, many real-world projects get passed around between designers, clients, […]

  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Maximize Efficiency

    If you’re new to OS X or you want to get the ultimate speed upgrade for your Mac, try using keyboards shortcuts. These little gems will boost your productivity and help save your wrists as well. Many functions found in your menu have keyboard shortcut equivalents which appear with somewhat cryptic symbols just to the […]