DropBox—Easy Entry Into The Cloud

If you need access to files from multiple devices and locations one of the best solutions is to store those files in the “cloud”—the latest buzzword that you should be saying about 24.3 times a day so that everyone knows that you are “in-the-know”.

Google offers a great way to do this using Google Docs. It allows you to create, store, and share a variety of document types that live online—or in the cloud.

Sometimes, however, you need to do this with file types that Google won’t handle—like Photoshop files. You also need an Internet connection to access these files. For me, there is also the OCD issue of wanting to have my files on my hardware.

logoEnter DropBox—the best of both worlds. Sign up for a free DropBox account, and you get a place to store your files in the cloud, synchronization with your devices, and the ability to share files with others.

NOTE: While DropBox may be a great solution for sharing files, please be aware that what you put in the shared folder takes up space in the DropBox account of each person that you are sharing with. It is also not the best solution for interoffice sharing while on the same network since shared file must first be uploaded, then download via your Internet connection. In those situations, putting the files on a local server may be more efficient.

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