Nutshell—New From Prezi

nutshell_logo_rgbNutshell is a new visual storytelling app that combines the simplicity of photos, the compelling nature of video, and the fun of animation to create short, shareable cinematic narratives.

The idea for Nutshell came about when the Prezi team discovered that people were using Prezi’s zoom-able presentation canvas for sharing events like birthdays, road trips, and even marriage proposals—since it’s easy to embed photos and videos, add text and graphics, and use motion to connect the dots and tell stories. These Prezis inspired the company to create Nutshell, a new way to encapsulate life’s moments into stories and easily share them, all from a mobile device.

To use the app, simply snap three photos in succession, and it will animate them into a single movie sequence. It’s also easy to add text and graphics to customize your cinematic vignette. The result is a playful, unconventional twist on traditional photos, which can be shared by email and text message, as well as posted to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

To see Nutshell in action, visit The application is free to download in the App Store under ‘Nutshell Camera.’

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