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Whatever your website’s purpose, it will most likely contain a form. Whether it is for lead generation, comments or purchases, that form is in danger of becoming an obstacle.

Generally speaking, most people don’t like to fill out forms—online or off.

After reviewing my own sites, I realized that I am asking for too much information (or TMI)—information that I really don’t need up front. One bit of information that I never used and was rarely filled out was the physical address. In fact, I cut my form in half by eliminating everything that related to physical address.

In my case, I don’t send direct mail, visit clients, or even care where they are located. Most communication is done via phone, email, instant message, or Skype. I haven’t met most of my clients in person. I have worked for organizations in several states and even Canada, so location isn’t an issue.

Yet, I was asking them to give me more information than necessary—just to get in contact with me.

Now, after revising my forms, I only require their name and email, and have made their organization, phone, website URL, and comments optional. Time will tell if I get more leads or not, but I least I am now practicing what I preach.

Next on my list is to reduce my four-page Web design survey to essential information.

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