Force Chrome To Print Like Everything Else On Your Mac

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If you like the fact that Chrome has a unique print dialog box and preview stop here and go about your business. If you, like me, find it a bit annoying, then open Terminal and enter the following command… defaults write DisablePrintPreview -boolean true

Things They Don’t Tell You—Fuel Aperture Location

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Recently, at gas station, I watched a guy pull up to the pump across from me, get out of his car, swipe his card, remove the hose from the pump, and then realize the fuel aperture was on the opposite side of his car. Now I am not passing judgment—he…

Canvas by Instructure

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If you have or are considering a one-to-one program in your school, a learning management system (LMS) will be a key piece in the mix of tools to make it a success. It will bring together many of the digital tools already being used (Turn-It-In, Google Apps, etc.) in one central place….

Did You Win?

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Now that the school year is in full swing, there is a lot of action going on in the lives of students, parents, and teachers. Unlike in the summer, activities students do now are graded, judged, or critiqued—as it should be to a degree, but as adults we must always…

Online File Conversion Links

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From time to time you may need a file converted, or you need a YouTube video that you can play without an internet connection. This post is meant to be an ongoing list of links to online resources to help with those tasks. Zamzar — Free online file conversion KeepVid…