Great Organizational Online Resource: Evernote

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Looking for a great way to keep your mélange of information and resources organized? Try Evernote. Evernote is like an all-purpose filing cabinet that lives in the cloud—accessible from your computer, phone, tablet and the web. Not everything that lives in Evernote needs to start life as a digital file.

LastPass—Keeping Your Passwords Secure Without The Hassle

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The word “password” has been in the top ten list of most commonly used passwords for some time. Easy to remember? Yes. Secure? Not at all. One technique to aid in memory is to substitute letters for symbols. Instead of password, consider something like p@s$w0rd. The problem is that once…

MySQL Search & Replace

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It seems like every six months or so I need to do some site-wide replacing (not often enough to commit this tip to memory it seems). If the site was built as flat HTML pages, I’ll use the find/replace feature in whatever editor I am using at the time. These…

I Made It To “Inbox Zero”

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I’ve heard about it. I’ve read about. I’ve given serious consideration to it. Now, at last, I have achieved it! As I write this post I have nothing in my inbox! Zero! Zilch! Nada! If this seems like the ramblings of a madman to you, read up on Inbox Zero! Mikko Koivu…