Rich, Smooth-Tasting, Beta Test!

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By now everyone is familiar with the term “beta test.” It’s often that first release into the wild for software, websites, and new products. The idea is that by giving a select few access to the “latest and greatest” they will in turn provide valuable feedback and identify problem areas….

Firefox 3!

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I have been using Firefox 3 since an early beta and was most impressed with the increased speed in OS X. The crucial extensions I need for everyday use have all been updated to work with version 3, so Firefox 2 may well be heading off into the sunset (except for…

Safari For The PC. One More Reason To Ditch Internet Explorer.

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While I could go on about the praises of Safari, and sound like one of the Apple TV commercials, I’d rather simply add it to the long list of reasons why you shouldn’t use Internet Explorer (IE). Whether you download Safari or another browser like Firefox or Opera—anything will be…