Safari For The PC. One More Reason To Ditch Internet Explorer.

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While I could go on about the praises of Safari, and sound like one of the Apple TV commercials, I’d rather simply add it to the long list of reasons why you shouldn’t use Internet Explorer (IE).

Whether you download Safari or another browser like Firefox or Opera—anything will be an improvement over IE.

IE is broken.

The only reason the masses don’t realize it is because Web designers and developers (good ones anyway) are constantly implementing various workarounds for IE’s shortcomings. I would loved to see a study of how much money is spent annually on making standards compliant sites work in IE.

Microsoft was so busy playing catch up with the development of IE 7, that—while an improvement over IE 6—they still don’t render pages according to WC3 specs.

Safari 3 is in beta and not a final release just yet, so it is not for everyone. But, if you are daring and curious, you can download Safari here.

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