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By now everyone is familiar with the term “beta test.” It’s often that first release into the wild for software, websites, and new products. The idea is that by giving a select few access to the “latest and greatest” they will in turn provide valuable feedback and identify problem areas. This gives the creator the opportunity to improve or fix anything before its major debut.

I love getting my hands on software beta releases. It’s a boost to the ego—being “one of the few.” So when I heard about Joffrey’s Coffe & Tea Company allowing a select few to beta test their coffee, I was in.  About a week after signing up, I received my dose for a pot of Jamaican Me Crazy coffee. My only complaint is that is was already ground. Maybe I’ve spent too much time talking to baristas, or maybe I am a coffee snob at heart (I did once take a class on producing the perfect crema to top off espresso), but I would have preferred to grind the beans myself for the freshest, richest flavor possible.

Anyway, with a full pot made, I tried the first round black. It had the good, smooth, rich flavor of coffee. The Jamaican Me Crazy flavor seemed to be more of a smell than a flavor, but still good. The next cup joined enough half and half to turn the beverage tan—the way I like it. Adding the cream did seem to dilute the flavor some. Lastly, I tried some iced. Not my usual method for ingesting caffeine, but I didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. I actually liked it iced the best. The distinct flavors seemed for more apparent.

Anyway, I have done my duty as a good coffee beta tester. Anyone know of someone looking for a BBQ beta tester? I’m in!

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