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Use OpenDNS

There are a lot of internet filtering devices and services out there. Most are reasonably affordable and do a great job.

I just came across a service called OpenDNS from an episode of the Geeks and God Podcast (Episode 56). It’s free and does a lot more that filter content—that’s just a bonus. It’s main features, as listed on the OpenDNS site are:

You can keep track of sites visited, block sites, and create shortcuts for use on your network.

For example, a domain name like could be set up as cbg. (Note: This only works on your network/computer.) It is also supposed to add a little zip to your web surfing as their DNS is supposed to be faster than the one usually provided by your ISP. I didn’t really notice any speed difference, but I understand that it depends on your ISP and where you live.

There is plenty of information on their site, so if you are intrigued, check out the site, OpenDNS.

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