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On June 7, 2008, Posted by , in Tech Stuff, tags , , with No Comments

Safari is quick. Lightning quick when compared to Firefox 2, which is what I was using about 90% of the time—and yes, it is mainly because of the extensions.

When I upgraded to Leopard, Firefox took a back seat unless I really needed the extensions like Firebug and the Web Developer Toolbar. Safari became my browser of choice.

Then I filled out a survey. You know, the kind you ponder over and triple check all your answer. Well, I had about 15 minutes tied up in it and when I clicked on submit nothing happened—nada!

It didn’t matter if it passed the Acid 3 test first. At this point, it didn’t matter about its speed as no other browser would have just wasted 15 minutes of my time.

By the way, I went to write this rant in WordPress, and guess what—Safari can’t handle the WYSIWYG interface, so I am now writing in Firefox 3, release candidate 2.

Of course, as soon I as post this I will be back in Safari.

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