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I write these post with churches, ministries and non-profit organizations in mind. That means I make a few assumptions about you if you are reading this.

  1. I assume that you don’t have unlimited time.
  2. I assume that you don’t have unlimited personnel.
  3. I assume that you don’t have unlimited funds.

If you do, skip this article. For that matter, skip anything I have to say. You should be paying someone to tell you things.

Still here? Good. Without getting into the whole Mac vs. PC thing—yet—if you use a PC you have most likely at some time been frustrated with it. Rampant viruses. Crashes. Spyware. And the list goes on.

So does Windoze just go to work the moment you install it, seeking out every possible way to cripple and destroy itself? In its defense—no. Think back to (or imagine) pre-internet days. The only way a virus was going to get on your computer was if you computer was on a local area network or you inserted a contaminated disk into it. Hence, the birth of antivirus software that took forever to scan a floppy disk every time you inserted it.

Then came the internet. Now those nasty critters could invade your PC through email, downloads, and hackers. So in addition to your antivirus software, you now need a firewall and a host of other defenses.

There isn’t a magic cure-all (I am biting my tongue since I mentioned I won’t get into the Mac vs. PC thing), but here is one simple thing that you can do. Switch web browsers. Dump Internet Explorer. Why? Go to Google or the search engine of your choice and search for security, Firefox vs. Internet Explorer for several articles that go into far more detail than I care to do here.

In addition to the overwhelming security reasons to switch, there are a number of others, with the most important being—it works. A web browser is supposed to do just that—allow you to browse, or view, the web. There are many industry standards that are there to make sure the sites work across multiple browsers. And they do, with one glaring exception—Internet Explorer. Most web developers would quickly write it off except for the fact that about 80% of the general market will view websites with it.

You may have never even realized that Internet Explorer doesn’t work. That is because web designers and developers like myself spend hours making sure sites do work. We hack code and create workarounds to satisfy Internet Explorer’s unique code cravings.

OK, I think that’s enough. Any more and it is going to sound like a sales pitch—which, it technically could never be since it is not about a sale at all. Firefox is FREE. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

So what are you waiting for? Get Firefox Here.

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